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(mostly Perl)

Bash script combines equivalents of find, xargs and select menus to save typing at command line.
Somewhat similar to zsh recursive wildcards. Tested with both cygwin and unix/linux bash.
** See HTML formatted man page: here.
Download withsome.tgz  -  (includes scripts, documentation and tests)

Now on GitHub: https://github.com/ronaldxs/withsome

Simple and portable lock facility for UNIX and Windows 95/NT.
Download FMutex.zip or FMutex.tar .

Crossword Puzzle CGI system
Allows you to build and play crossword puzzles on the web.
Download Crosswd.zip or Crosswd.tar .
mod_perl   Crossword Puzzle CGI system now also tested and running with mod_perl.

Fetch unanswered newsgroup messages
Retrieve messages from a newsgroup to which no answer has yet been posted.
Download fetch_un.zip or fetch_un.tar .

Emulator for IPC::Open2 and IPC::Open3 functionality underWindows NT 4.0 and Windows 95.
(Very likely obsolete for current versions of ActiveState Perl. Test IPC::Open2/IPC::Open3 first.)
Download Open32.zip .